Mo' Fo'

Take Fo Superstars Party @ the Luau
(2000,Take Fo') part 1, part 2

DJ Jubilee
20 Years in the Jets
(1996, Take Fo') part 1, part 2

More Take Fo posting to make up for the dearth of it elsewhere on the WWW. Consider it part of this blog’s NOLA cultural preservation effort, something my homie over here has been killing at (lookout for the recent DJ Duck & Wartime posts).

First up is DJ Jubilee’s full-length debut built around a UNLV diss title track and accompanying skit. Mr. Temple offers the kind of disses you might expect from your gradeschool teacher (droppin outta school wasn’t fun / all you was good for was beatin that drum), so long as you’re in the kind of school where recess is more like a block party. Its a response to UNLV’s “Nigga I’m Bout It” where Lil Ya disses Jubilee’s Eddie Bow dance, accuses him of almost catching “that rape charge” and calls him a “substitute teacher.” Ya is spitting fast as fuck here and I always miss the part where he calls Jube a "Lemonhead". Anyways, I think its mostly an extension of UNLV – PNC beef, which had something to do with simple addition (2 + 1 > 2 + 1?). Either way, beef is squashed: UNLV’s Tec-9 and Lil Ya turn up as features on Jube tracks a few years later, Tec-9 even put out a Take Fo solo record, Ready 4 War in the year 2 thousand.

Also in here: the Party @ the Luau compilation. I think the only exclusives here are the title track and the Josephine Johnny offering, though that may have found home on a different label.

I heard a rumor that KC Redd passed away around the time of the storm. True or not, I’m sorry to hear that. Holler if you can fill in the gaps.