Stuff White People Bump

Po' White Trash & the Trailer Park Symphony Po' Like Dis
(2001, Pocket Change Prod.) @ 320

Sorry yall, but I couldn't keep this b-bin find to myself. Worth the 50 cent paid at least for the cover and what the fuck, Organized Noize folk all over this: Cee-Lo & Big Rube cameos, Earthtone III & Lil Jon production... I'm imagining this dude and Cee-Lo sitting around in P-Dub's N. Carolina dorm room listening to Primus.

All things considered, its not that bad I just can't stomach the timbre of his voice. Actually, I'd be happy to cop the "Po Punch" instrumental and Big Rube's closing statement is on point enough to almost commit me to a second listen.

Characteristically horrible article in the Village Voice here, check it out if you're interested in some fully off-point race/culture analysis. 2 birds fully flipped from this blog author. At who, exactly, I don't know since N. Bedford Couch seems like a pseudonym. And if its supposed to be satire it still sucks.


Petter said...

wow, I actually have this on cd, I bought it dirt cheap as well, in Paris(of all places) I think. Can't even recall if I ever even listened to it all the way through though

Anonymous said...

do you have the password for this?