Bass Tapes: The Lamphead

Half Pint Stronger Than Ever
(1992, On Top Records)
cassette rip @ 320 kbps
half side, pint side

Another On Top joint, this time from Miami's Half Pint, whose style marries Thug & Shake elements much like Sammy Sam, if a bit less powerfully. He may be best known for his single "Stomp & Grind", a vinyl rip of which I'll up shortly. This one's a short and skit-heavy cassette with some curious skits of people fucking to schlocky classical music. I can't tell if thats the kind of high-class bullshit Pint throws on for the ladies or he's just rented some strange euro-porn VHS tape. The rewind sounds suggest the latter. The pint side gets that worn in water-in-the-ear effect. Extra nostalgia.

Fittingly, there is 1/2 of an informative interview with producer Devastator here.