Bass Tapes: The Iceman

Mega Jon Iceman "J"
(1993, Joey Boy)
cassette rip

DJ Bunny Hole 2000 magnanimously hooks up starving, out-of-work kid slizzard with USB mixer and the bass tapes pour out like diarrhea on your turkish vacation. I first considered stretching / defining the Twankle_n_Glisten boundaries by ripping some Juke / Jit 12s, but got held back by a lispy worn needle.

Luckily I'd just unpacked an easter basket of old cassette tapes. As this unfolds I'm on careful lookout for the most threatening Bass warning and I'm pretty sure "contaminated by radioactive material" won't come close.

Anyways, this isn't the best Bass tape ever, but be thankful cuz its about to get a whole lot worse. There are strong points though and the reggae bass track most definitely deserves your attention.