Bass Tapes: The Hitman

Sammy Sam The Hit Man & D.J. 1.5 featuring Ice Ski
You Don't Know?
[cassette single]
(1991, Smith & Smith Records)

The first in what may become a long line of T&G Bass Tapes. This is the earliest release I know of by Oomp Camp's Sammy Sam and likely his first legit release considering the catalog # (SS-0001) and I like the idea that he was planning another thousand. Great interview / bio in the Murderdog Archives here.

Just in case you're still getting used to it: don't forget the password, its to your right.


Anonymous said...

STEP DADDY! http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZrWIlRC-hdc
this had mad burns on rap city at the same time Jim Crow's Holla At A Playa was bumping. I miss the early 00's.

boi-dan said...

Keep these comin', Sam is where TI got all that 7-time felon phrase from.