Ya Boy Choppa

Choppa Choppa Style (2001, Take Fo')

Mid-period Take Fo' at its best. Its Budget Bounce: vocals deep in the red, heavy syncopation making up for the cheap synth sounds (like the slap bass on "That Bounce Shit" that sounds straight out of fucking Seinfeld). Without strong lyrics or even a smooth flow, Choppa Style relies heavily on some other kind of charm, something Choppa hasn't recaptured on his past 2 releases. He sounds perfect inbetween verses by DJ Jubilee or Katey Red, all seeming like the same kind of outcasts. Apparently he's back with the Take Fo camp. They already made their round as the New Take Fo', teaming up with the New No Limit for his follow-up Straight from the N.O., so maybe now they're the New New Take Fo', which sounds better anyways.