On the Wire

C-Loc presents Concentration Camp III Thug Brothers: The Swishahouse Chopped-Up Remix.

Centex Ballaz recently posted the straight version of this which I'd never heard before. Its kind of like waking from a dream, reaching in your mouth and finding all your teeth are still there to hear the regular version of a record once you've spent so much time with the slowed mix. The opening skit surely shines stronger at promethazine pace, the rest too in my opinion, but I realize the bias of the First Listen. Either way Loc's screwed drawl is hypnotic and I always laugh when I hear him sigh "aww shit just way...way...too...real" at the beginning of track 10, probably because the sound environment is making me feel really really unreal.

I'm not entirely confident that this is his debut, but I definitely haven't heard anything by a younger Boosie, who would have been 17 when this dropped.


Anonymous said...

is it possible for you to re-up this ?