Young Pups Part 1: The Puppies

Watching the Wire's fourth season, I couldn't help but be reminded of these other 2 "Pups" (maybe it was the school theme, or maybe just that Dukies name is Dukie). One of the best child groups since Joe Jackson put a gun to in the face of a young Michael, and by far the most solid preteen bass rap I've stumbled upon. The Puppies had 2 minor hits: 1994's "Funky Y2C" and in 1996 "Hokey Pokey", the former breaking into the Billboard top 40 by a hair, and the latter, well, not. Their most memorable performance, though, was their no-bullshit back-up vocs on Disco Rick & the Dogs' bassploitation classic "Yo Mamas On Crackrock", offering inspired interjections like "yours too", "so what" or just plain "shiiiiiiit".

Big Boy kills it on some new shit too, making claims on a forthcoming record, "Happy Music", I'd be happy as hell to see make its way to actually existing. Fingers crossed.

Check it: Dukie Green from Recognize.


Secret Diary said...

i love this. not sure how i feel about these tykes poppin' in minis but they are representin' like whoa.