Young Pups Part 2 : 1-800-Lil-Mac-Needs-A Car

Next Pup Up: No Limit Soldier and 504 Boy Mac. Prior to his No Limit records Shell-Shocked and World War III, Mac was aligned with the other NOLA rap dynasty (Ca$h Money), or at least its founding father, Mr. Mannie Fresh, who you can check below bobbing his head on the Lil Mac bus (priceless). Mac may be the true Michael Lee here, now serving 30 years for manslaughter (in the video below you'll notice some Donut aspirations too). Like Mike, he's confident as hell, a "young barbarian on the move", usually eschewing the ABC's bullshit of other novelty child-rap as best a midget can, though not quite as raw as young thugs Lil Wayne & the B.G.Z whose talent Fresh went on to cultivate.

Compare Mac's MCing on the title track with Local 580's relentless Local 580, which cops the same Fresh instrumental (or at least the same break).
Of course, I'm more than eager to hear
something from the Mac's body of work
between this and his No Limit soldier
years like this duo cassette with Storm.
Don't hold back if you're holding.


Cashflow420 said...

Free Mac!

zone6 said...

Love the piano flourishes at the end, how they clash with the cowbell, and that footage!

blak said...

My name is Blaknificent. i have some Mac shit from Psychoward. email me blaknif@gmail.com