Minds on the Prize

Trap Boiz Mind on the Prize & Never Again Family Death Before Dishonor: 2 top notch clearance bin full-lengths from 21st Century Atlanta connected by their style (low-budget Gangsta), their proximity to dance-craze rap (D4L & Trap Squad foreshadowing, respectively) and dubious font choices (I’m trying to imagine the guys at Pen & Pixel contemplating the use of Comic Sans for P’s Ice Cream Man). Try an imagine a better spent 99 cent.

Bossman and Hotrod of the Trap Boiz take the more artful approach - ergonomic beatmaking, calculated vocal delivery. Production credits go to the man Big Cheezy, who I'd like to hear more from but has slipped thru the cracks without the slightest internet data trail. Never Again is more like Strength in Numbers, but I'm not holding that against them. Besides, they have name you can't fuck with (despite their explanation:"I Chose The Name Because We Are Never Again Records And We Are a Family So It Was That Simple!"). Members: Young Shone, Gold Mouth, Thuggio, JG, Collar & Dolley.

Trap Boiz - Click of G's
Never Again Family - Everything on Me

As a bonus - a slice of Tight 2 Def era Fabo.
Fabo - Hell That Pulled the Trigger