Wass Hapsenin Vol. 3

So I broke down & put together Wass Hapsenin Vol. 3. Enjoy.

Oh yeah, Wass Hapsenin Vol. 2

If I had limitless cash I would sign Dem Homicide Boyz. If I had limited cash but more of it I would buy them some new mics. 

I have to wonder if any track featured here made its way to a real release besides "Crank Dat Batman", which asfarasIknow is the only Crank 12" released by an artist other than Soulja Boy.


zhao said...

aw shit here it is! and there he goes! :D

zhao said...

ain't feelin da roman numeral 2 huh?

zhao said...

dope shit on these comps bruv. bigup.

forgot about that Ho Sit Down cut... surreal and funny.

you in SF? down with hyphie? i'd like to know what's going on in the bay area... had high hopes for the scene but a few recent things i heard were pretty wack. but I'm sure the underground is thriving.

kid slizzard said...

I'll post 2 and surely 4 won't be long... doubtless great new stuff from the bay, haven't totally warmed 2 it yet though... check a different slice of cali history at http://www.westcoastpioneers.com/

zhao said...

bigup for vol. 2