NOLA Tapes: Mo Mobo


Surrender Gangsta Gangsta
(1999, Mobo) cassette -> 320 kbps

Found an efforted though incomplete Mobo timeline on the Amoeba records blog. This guy has done a bunch of posts about bounce rap, and he probably lives here in Los Angeles. Another Californian scrambling to document New Orleans rap history from across the world. Anyways, I'll be upping a lot of the shit he mentions and hopefully a couple he missed this week as T&G's insane NOLA tape free-for-all continues.

The label does have this split personality with Bounce and Thug sides. What's strange is that its on the Thug side where shit gets the weirdest.

A short tape, considering 2/3 of the tape reappears in radio-friendly form. My favorite track on here: the Oomp Camp Bass styled "Get Da Club Start It"

It goes on!


Anonymous said...

Awwrite! Keepum comin, faw!
Really, this is blog is awesome.
Especially all the old N.O. stuff.
Muchas gracias.