B for Bounce


Ricky B (B for Bounce)
(1994, Mobo) [MOBO1]
cassette rip -> 320 mp3

Back to work, if thats what you call this and finally upping something you don't yet have. Ricky B - I heard he was the Bounce Legend Still Unaccounted For, but maybe thats changed. 2 feel good bounce anthems featured on a later CD release and also the Greatest Rap Hits Down South New Orleans compilations but this tape, I think, is the only home to the "nite" version of "Shake It" tailored for the "rastafaris" by way of ad-libbed imitation horn mouth sounds. Blowin shit out of proportion like a trombone. It may also be the only place to find this Mobo records commercial and let me also say that I've appreciated every word of history posted in the comments section lately.

I'm surprised no one save Tommy Wright has made a living bootlegging these sort of easy-replica demo cassette classics.

Yall fuckin with Jdownloader yet?


Anonymous said...

Great rip right here. Great site in general. I only wish it was updated more often (though I realize this isn't a paying job). Ever thought about taking on some volunteer help?

Anonymous said...

Theres more than one of those "5%??? Say What!??!"commercials. Theres about 10 of these kind of cover-art-less Mobo tapes with the paper labels. If I find the other commercials I can let yall know.

They were tossed to crowds in random clubs by the dj across New Orleans in the early to mid 90's as promos. There was one club called The Grind I used to frequent where they tossed a bunch out.


marnacle said...

"Back to work, if thats what you call this"

aahhh hahaha exactly! The internet makes me feel like that sometimes. Thank you.

DJ SORCE-1 said...

Love the "nite" version of "Shake It". Really creative and catchy.

Anonymous said...

Theres another hidden commercial at the end of the '94 MC Spud tape with the paper label.
Damn good tape with about 8 different songs.


Don Rex said...

Could you please re-up this gem?

Anonymous said...

do you think you could do a reup? it'd be really appreciated, this one is hard as shit to find