Bounce Talent 95-97

Home-captured relics of emerging Bounce Talent from the last millennium. Way too little of this available, even in the age of Youtube. All this comes from the PSYKESVISION youtube channel, you can hit that up here and also thank poster / homie ThugDoubt for pointing my eyes there.

My favorite banner is the middle one, with the autumn-colored explosion patterning and ecstatic hydraulics.


GATOR said...

my sentiments exactly

Dunny D said...

Awesome.. mate do you have a good sounding version og G-Styles 'Gangsta Walk'????

Rob said...

Man, you really do run the best blog EVER!!!

Rob said...

Have you been ordering any more stuff from TW3? He now does delivery confirmation and ships pretty fast.

kid slizzard said...

Haha. No, I will never order from the Street Smart store again. Partly because the products themselves are dishonest. I think it would be cool for Tommy to either sell originals at a high price or dupes at a low price, instead he acts like these tapes he made yesterday have an accumulated value that they don't have.

Anonymous said...


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Kyra Gaunt, Ph.D. said...

I am an archivist of twerking videos that feature girls. Thanks for this. I found your blog through Wayne Marshall (Wayne and Wax).