Boogie in the South: the Compilation

Various Artists
"Boogie in the South"
@ O.P.B. (Other People's Bitrates)

Alright, falling out my slumber & upping this quick limewire compilation of Dallas Boogie. I apologize for not having an nice little essay on the dance or genre or related dances and related genres. I ended up reading some jerk-off academic blogging re: the Death of Michael Jackson and it really just soured that kind of thing for me. I acquired a reasonable amount of similar tracks from BR, Louisiana and I intend to share that soon as the complementary "Jiggin in the South". I realize the extent to which pinning styles to specific mapped spots is completely unfair and increasingly inaccurate but still I appreciate the beautiful order in it. I included some complimentary myspace flyers in the .zip and I realize now I accidentally included the anatopistic Short Bus Boyz. Excuse this. Does Lil Man's "D-Town Boogie" reference NOLA Bounce Butch Big Freedia's "Gin in my System" or is that a more widespread expression?

Tommy Wright killed this blog's ambitions. Email him and tell him to take a trip to the fucking post office. It can't be that far.

My rapidshare account will expire very soon and I'm not renewing it, so now's the week to hit up the archives.


ivy said...

to which mj jerk-off r u referring?

kid slizzard said...

Thousands of writings real or imagined

Scott said...

Come on TW3, you can't dick over your biggest fans like this.

GrimeyWhodi said...

U know that Let Me See You Jugg out that Tulsa, Oklahoma not the D right?

This shit go hard regardless.