Bass Station Records Pt. 1

Dimples Tee "Jealous Fella's"
(1987, Bass Station)
Say No to Drugs

The process and conclusion of the Louisiana Rap heist fakeout left me feeling like rap-blogging was the most inconsequential bullshit and a complete waste of my time. Meanwhile, Tommy Wright's computer broke down, stalling my Ebay packages and adding to the anhedonia.

But Tommy, back on his ten toes, more than made it up and I decided that as long as I'm getting more hits on this site than on the videos I make for my music, I've got more work to do here.

So, today I'm posting the first couple of Bass Station releases, cause those are the only two I have, though I might throw in Dynamix II's "Give the DJ a Break", though my copy is a later pressing on a different label.

An extension of this post.