A Nice 68 & I'll Owe U One

B.P.P. (Featuring Sweet n' Low)
U Need Clitt In Ya Life (Club Mix)
(1995, Lethal Exposure) @ 320

10 K.A.N.'s
U Need Dick In Ya Life (Playa's Ver.)
(1995, Krunch) @ 320

I know I've been slow to post lately & always, but I have this sense that in the near future "slow blog" is going to be a a sought-after designation. So what I've been is actually prescient, not slack.

Today's post documents Triggaman's Florida arrival. I find it impossible to believe that these might truly be the first Drag Rap samples in the state, but in a field with no contesting scholars you can make any claim you like, and the claim that T&G likes the most is the claim that we have the first of something and we're the first to bring that first to you.

Not that I can tell you which "first" came first. Or what these acronyms stand for. I'm painting 10 K.A.N.'s the OG & "Clitt" the song's answer, not because I prefer a world ruled by men, but because I appreciate the parallelism in a "bitches reply" sampling "(Bitches Reply)".

Either way, a great lesson in genre fluidity. Your ears will likely find a bass song (well, a pair of them), but one constructed purely from bounce wood & nails. It still has the hook verse hook form that bounce rap subverted.


N0LA $ou1ja said...

prescient, nascent, haha man you keep me runnin to websters & wiki. That 10 K.A.N.'s song was big in the N.O. back in the day. They still play it in the lil hood bars. Never heard the female answer before and prolly will never play it again cause its kinda annoying.

kid slizzard said...

Yo soulja, thanks for the bit of context

Todd said...

I have this sense that in the near future "slow blog" is going to be a a sought-after designation.

It already is, jack. Yours is one of the only music blogs I've kept in my reader because every other one annoyed me with too many posts, too little worthwhile content.

Turlet said...

You better watch out, the louisiana rap blog just got shut down!