Til The Cup Iz M-T

Various Artists
Memphiz Undaground Hustlaz: Vol. 1
(1995, Alkatraz Productionz)
from cassette to 320 mp3

Al Kapone, he's one of the only niggas in Memphis you can go talk to, no matter who you have beef with, you can have beef with one of his best friends. Al Kapone, he the only nigga you can just really go talk to and work shit out. And he one of the hardest niggas in Memphis plus one of the coolest niggas in Memphis to fuck with.

-Skinny Pimp (Murderdog Vol 8 #2)

And here Memphiz's hardest, coolest mediator presents a great compilation of local talent that is solid thru and thru.

My personal favorites are the Project Playaz "Real Hustlaz Everywhere" and 1st Degree & GK's "Ghetto Pimpin". For some reason the cassette version excludes the hidden track present on the CD version. Maybe cassettes are a more difficult place to hide things.


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PillFurly said...

thanks fo this
only had tha cd rip of this comp

fuckin made my day with this tape rip

Dre'matic said...

you can find 1st Degree & GK messin wit Drumma Boy these days, they part of the Drum Squad now