Bass Tapes: Pre-Yang Thang

DJ Smurf
Collipark Music
(1997, Benz) cassette rip @ 320

A promise of more love shown for my home away from home in the coming posts... Atlanta has sat back-seat to Memphis & New Orleans too long. And I've been all around slack. I know that.

I was hoping to find a wealth of Collipark digital ephemera to supplement this upload. All I found was one XXL interview I couldn't wrap my head around. Collipark doesn't understand or respect what K-Rab is doing? Didn't he sign P-Stones? Soulja Boy? Elsewhere he admits to not feeling Soulja Boy at first but getting it later. I guess he is in the business of business. There are real records and there are gimmicks. And a generational wall between boom and snap.

I'm going to make a request because last time I did it was filled: Success N Effects "In the Hood".

I will attempt to make up for lost time between now and April fools - and I''ll upload a realer pic when the sun comes back up.


N0LA $ou1ja said...

Success-N-Effect -In The Hood


Not my rip though.

kid slizzard said...

N0lA gets T&G custom brass knuckles as soon as I'm rich as Best Twankle Poster Award.

Dre'matic said...

i agree kid sliz. i been lookin for this on the net forever. still got the lp!

N0LA $ou1ja said...

Haha, thanks. I got respect for this blog. More authentic than most of the rest.

Anonymous said...


Dre'matic said...

it seems i got "in the hood" from willforall some time ago, i'm sure i lost it during one of many harddrive assassinations