Rap Library: Third Coast

Third Coast: Outkast, Timbaland, & How Hip-Hop Became a Southern Thing Roni Sarig (2007, De Capo)

I've been reading reviews (and interviews) of this book (and its author) and it seems a frequent complaint is its exhaustive history. Fuck, thats the only thing I'm interested in - I don't want to read about smoke up the ass of Outkast (even though I think they've made a couple of the best records ...uh... ever) or Timbaland any more than I want to listen to Lil Wayne or Kanye on the radio and as far as arguing for distinctly Southern roots of all rap I could just as well argue that Mozart was African since we all come from there in the first place. 

But, the history - thats homework I'm glad to see done, and there's a fat lot of it. Blowfly (and other pre-rap rap), Luke, Gangsta Pat (Bar-Kays members should have sown more seed), Ball & G, KLC... so much shit I want to know is here explained or at least alluded to... notes taken, records bought. 

Anyways, Sarig knows that to accomplish what he wants to accomplish he needs to tie the underground to the mainstream in a way that appeals to more folk than just fanatics. We (as in me and you, I think) are the fanatics and still his book is the only and therefore best for us. Still, future room left for growth... I can only hope someone who shares my respect for Beats by the Lb. and Triple 6 era Paul & J production (both dissed or at least looked down upon in Third Coast chapters) steps up to that nerd plate. 

-Vanilla Ice used to freestyle battle Scarface
-Lil Wayne & BG were originally "Baby D" & "Doogie", respectively, with the group name "B.G.z", but Weezy's mom pulled him out the group so he could spend more time on homework
-Hammer gansta walkin on Arsenio
-(note to self: check T-Rock's DJ Paul diss "My Little Arm")
-I enjoy the metaphor that MJG grew up on Sample St.
-Someone please upload Cool K's "I Need Money"


ANU said...

I just bought it not so long ago.

Anonymous said...

my fav book