That Wild M_AG_NO_LI_A

Junie Bezel "That's How Mess Get Started"
(2001, Take Fo) @ 320

Supplementary class materials to last weeks Triksta post. This is my favorite release on the Take Fo label next to the Bounce Squad album. Although Junie's verses can be lyrically awkward its made up for in timbre and attitude and she works well with Supa Dave's production. Most Fo releases feature his beats somewhere but this time he dominates, producing every track except one remix. The palette he's working with reminds me a lot of Solja Rags era Mannie Fresh but he takes it to his own weird place. Sort of relentless melodic repetition with a Steve Reich sense of handclapping syncopation. Maybe Cohn lent him his Koyaanisqatski VHS.

JB was also featured on C-Murder's "Got It On My Mind" from TRU Dawgs (a few late Soulja Slim feat.s on there too) and her myspace is TRU'd out so maybe you can look forward to future releases from the No Limit camp ashes.

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boi-dan said...

I been lookin' for this, I was a big fan of KC Redd.

Todd said...

Oh wow, this is fucking great.