New Brown Beats

Willie Puckett "Doggie Hopp"
(1997, Take Fo)

I am posting this both to fill a request and as a follow up to the Brown Beats post since the most important track on this short EP is a re-envisioning of those Beats. I spent some time searching my ears for some justification of the word "Brown" - the OG beats are named for their scattered James Brown wails - but the brownest thing was Cool instead: the recently mentioned "Dear Yvette" Bounce Bark.

Maybe Supa Dave had future bounce sample ubiquity in mind in referencing the Brown Beat, like this would be the Bounce Rap Spine of Tomorrow and that Peter Gabriel "Sledgehammer" ethnic sample would be the new Triggaman Bells.

Here is a short clip of Willie charming a fan.


Anonymous said...

its a bit confusing, he portrays that Hot Boy image on his album covers, but looks happily gay in the youtube

N0LA $ou1ja said...

Cause he is gay. At least that was the rumor back in the day. That he used to fuck with punks. But you ain't heard that from me ;D