Lemon Heads Believe In Luck

Playa Fly Fly Shit
(1996, Super Sigg) @ 320

I am presenting today's post in the form of an Amazon review and wikipedia entry cut-up as a sort of game played by the unwritten rules of the internet. But first, some real words of mine:

This fly record like so many Memphis rap records has had a busy and promiscuous life in Internet Prison. A pod of rap cloned in so many ways, each child floating through a series of tubes to some faraway continent. Who could have guessed that by 2009 there would be no hover board, no shrink-fit jacket but instead: the worldwide, virus-like flight of data. The Thug Fantasies of Russian preteens and Japanese Salarymen and Born Africans all filled with MPEG color... and I don't often post the often-posted, but the Web needed a better clone, a 320 child strong enough to weather the long, cold life of data immortality.  

Playa Fly is da best rapper in the world, but the world doesn't know Fly. His flows are so real that they are understood by everyone. Unlike most southern rappers, Playa Fly doesn't embrace materialism in his rhymes, usually speaking on a deeper, more political level. If you grew up middle class - tell me about your braces, if you grew up in the projects - tell me about your Uncle being shot and wearing braces. Playa Fly motivated me to go on to better my self. He also keeps the Memphis-rich tradition for seriously talented rappers. The messages he gives are very easy to relate to and hardly commercial or modified for TV and his lyrics make you forgot about Mr. Chill's awful singing. I love 3-6 Mafia but pluck the chicken they got lyrically murdered on this shit. This cd is one of the best I've heard and I've heard any CD you could name. His Hardcore rapin is the stuff.


Hugo the Dude said...

this is the original relase and not the re-relase right? and do you know if there's a difference?
also do you anything about the features? like who's the girl on playas in the house?

thanks for the this!

boi-dan said...

In high school this guy from Memphis borrowed my version in an attempt to seek "the other version" of "Blow My Mind", he said there is a longer version.

Also, Fly has been downloadable for awhile, unless this is another version.

boi-dan said...

oh, it's a stronger bit rate

kid slizzard said...

yeah its the bit