That Ghetto Jeopardy

Tre-8 Armageddon:
The Last Day for Rappers

(1999, Smoke 1) @ 320

Another record traced back from that Y2K Q93 tape. The song featured there: "Get Em Rowdy" aka the Ghetto Jeopardy f/ Kangol Slimm, Mr. Cheefa & Lil E. It took me some time to place that sample, first hearing it.

I saw this Hood Affairs video with a lot of AK-47s and someone dressed as Barney and I was reminded how easy it is to start with some cheesy television sample and slip into complete bullshit. The quiz show shit here is buried well and with strength, check it out. Alex Trebek halloween block party, if we take that shit literally, which we don't.

Also on here: a totally different "Triggaman 2000" than the one featured on the Showboyz full-length from around the same time.


hugowittorf said...

Never heard of this before..