What We Want for Xmas

Q93 Ad - the Bomb? album

I'm at my parents snowed-in Grand Rapids home (where incidentally I've never lived) digging thru boxes of my discarded shit in the ice-cold moth-ball attic and basement. Amongst many things yall could surely give one fuck about, I've uncovered this 5th generation bootlegg 8-hands-passed cassette of Q93 excerpts circa Y2K and having done so has brought haunting life back to one of my life's most limp-dick pursuits: the frustrated attempt to obtain a real or jacked copy of whatever record is advertised in this 54 second zshare clip. Please any and all twankle-reading bounce aficionados listen to this clip and rack brains. Everyone else: listen to this clip and grow hungry.

Admittedly, its a hunger much appreciated in a world hell-bent on destroying such a sentiment or at least reducing its duration to seconds or less. But nostalgic appreciation of a slowed-down passed-up past doesn't mean that waiting longer will grow that appreciation - I've waited long enough! This record will not taste better ever. Nerds of Rap: serve me or help me serve myself - What Is This??? Bring to me... the Bomb Album...or something like that. Featuring something like Overdose, something like Scott Free, something like Someone f/ Troy Gotti, anything by something like Down 4 Life records.


boi-dan said...

Contact Wild Wayne through his myspace; http://www.myspace.com/yaboywildwayne. I spoke to him before, when I was looking for music and he replied.

On that note does anyone have the original "Bout it, bout it", entitled; "Bucking like a Winchester."

kid slizzard said...

Good advice but I already took it (and with no results). I myspaced messaged just about everyone I could find who might of living in NOLA in 2000!