Request Line

Willie Puckett Million Dollar Hotboy
(1998, Take Fo') @33 kbps

By request, 2nd? solo record by the Bounce Squad's Willie Puckett. Everything on Take Fo' is on the raw side but this one in particular sounds like it was dropped straight onto a Radioshack karaoke machine. "Tear It Down" is a highlight, built around the "For the Love of Money" break. "Tear It Up" is about as good and both sound like 50 hollering dancers packed into a 3 foot booth. If a recording booth was even put to use here. Not too much else on here I'm interested in except (is it Bigg Ramp?) those imitated Triggaman bells (the one the "broads" are doin).

Having never really warmed to this record gives me insight into the way people who don't like this kind of bounce experience those records like this I have warmed to.


boi-dan said...

this is a classic for me, "Will I Live or Die", Big Ramp's Solo, Junie B lil solo, "What the... ahh yeah" - WP

boi-dan said...

Big Ramp's solo is the crunkest use of Triggerman, behind the Show Boys Triggerman 2000 remix.

jared said...

thanks so much for posting, do you know where i might be able to get his first album?

Anonymous said...

re-up plz!