Females in Charge

Females In Charge:
Kimmy P. & Short T
Where's My Trick
(Pack, 1992) @ 320 kbps

This is ripped from vinyl, not cassette, I just flipped it coverwise cuz the wax has no image and I wanted to give yall a chance to check those starred breast pockets. It does, however, feature a librarian nitemare of a namechange - Kimy P. & Shorty T.

A great record and the best kind of single in the sense that despite its function as a promotional object, all tracks offer something additional to the casual listener. OK, maybe not casual listening, but at least private use of obsessives. The clean-up job is funny and the instrumental works well as like a kind of bounce dub plate, (if it only had a little reverb) and it wasn't until checking it isolated that I really noticed the sung "bitch"s that punctuate the backing track.

Not saying its a direct response, but this track features most of the samples present in Everlasting Hitman's Bounce, Baby Bounce! And it's important to this blog because its the namesake of our gender tag.

Ask how his teeth got chipped, cuz the pussy he ate was whipped.

Looks like they found their bitch after all. At Macy's. With all the cheese.


Anonymous said...

the produciton on this track is so deep and layered, it's a totally pychedelic NOLA groove experience... anybody who would write off early bounce production as simple needs to study this record. ROBOT P-COLTRANE

Anonymous said...

youre the only place on the internet i can find anything about FIC. thank you!

Anonymous said...

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