Sissy Roots (cont.)

Here are the relevant audio links from the previous homo posting. We're just 4 months shy of having a black president, so I'd like to think we aren't too far off from you bloggees being able to accept a rapping fag. Fairly extensive / researched Sissy article here as well - I was glad to learn that Gotty Boi Chris came up as one of Big Freedia's back-up singers and she has a great quote too: "My mama's heard me say 'dickeater' so much she doesn't even care". Surprised to see a rap artist with a song called "Poo Shooter" nervous about gay-rap's affect on his children, though.

Don't have a copy of Y2Katey or the Battle of the Sissys disc - an upload or active eBay auction link from any holder or seller would be greatly appreciated.

Katey Red "Local New Orleans"
Katey Red Melpomene Block Party EP
Chev "Fuck Katey" (skit)
Chev "Fuck Katey"
Vockah Redu f/ Chev "Avealations"
Big Freedia "A'han, Oh Yeah"

UPDATE: via poster NOLA
Katey Red Y2Katey: The Millennium Sissy


893 said...

Plz I can haz psswrd 4 Melpomene Block Party EP thx? Also thx for this whole blog and it's gay & goth rapps.

kid slizzard said...

thanks, the pass is located in the upper right-hand corner of this blog and is the name of this blog and is the same for any archive posted in this blog

893 said...

Ah thanks and sorry I sholda seen

Anonymous said...

gay shit

kid slizzard said...

yes. gay people making gay music about gay fucking and other gay shit. you hit the nail on the head.

Scott said...

This isn't quite as gay as I'd like.

Thanks for the upload, as always.

SergDun said...

yo man I just want to say its dope your putting this stuff up. people need to know it exists.

ANU said...

Is there one of the links I should download first ?
What's the best one ?

kid slizzard said...

"local new orleans" for mid-tempo stripped down syncopated alien hood names simulated cut up call and response, or "avelations" for hyper speed sissy fit vocal overlode

N0LA said...

Haha. Saw Katey Redd perform at a block party in front of a mom & pop record store back in the day. Them Calio boys had Supersoakers and soaked the fuck out her as soon as she finished performing. She ran into the store dripping wet... Too funny.

boi-dan said...

What does having a black prez have to do with homos? Gay Rights & Black rights are too different things. I didin't know the march on Washington was for gays also.

Maybe I'm missing something, were gay folks legally enslaved, lynched and castrated for trying to vote, for trying to be full-pledged citizens.

f*ckoutahere with that

//nice blog by the way

kid slizzard said...

You are missing something. I never said gay rights and black rights were the same thing, I only linked them together under the umbrella of progress.

Transexuals like Katey Red have been brutally killed in ways that you can relate to lynching and castration and for no other reason than their interest in dressing up like women and having sex with men. Take, for example, a trans-gender woman named Tracy Thompson who was beaten to death on a country Georgia road.

I realize that there is not a lot of support for gay rights amongst readers of a blog often focused on hardcore rap. But I will not "get the fuck out of here" with that, you can steal rare raps elsewhere.

N0LA said...


last night ham radio saved my life said...

i've been wondering for years.... maybe you can shed some light for me:

what in the hell is a "moffadyke "(sp?)??

also, etymology of the word "wodie"?

N0LA said...

Morphodite is just a old school slang term for a feminine man. Just like sissy, punk, etc. Short for Hermaphrodite. My grandpa still use that term, lol. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morphodite

N0LA said...

Whoadie started out as some Uptown slang. Project slang. Shit only got popular when Cash Money started using it. Same with Round and Aw Aw.

last night ham radio saved my life said...

wow, thank you so much for clearing that up n0la

kid slizzard said...

as far as I understand it stems from Wordy, as a reference to rapping

boi-dan said...

The cases of anti-gay murders are few and far between. You are comparing a grain of sand to a beach. My man, you can't compare something as clear and distinct as race/skin color with a lifestyle.

You may notice some gay people right away, but we noticed that person race first.

Were gays dumped in the Ocean during the slave trade?
Have gays experience enough drama to be a viable candidate for reparations?

Gay folks can turn off their gayness during interviews.
Half of the gay people out there aren't noticeable gay. All black people are noticeable black.

Saying the gay struggle is like the black struggle is a fallacy. While on the surface it seems so, but if you dig deep into the history of this country and go beyond what is given to you during black history month, you'll see that it's not.

And chill out homey, I was objective with my post, I only said f*ckouttahere to your hasty generalization.

kid slizzard said...

Comparing things that have differences is not fallacious.