10% Talent, 90 % Business

FM (Freakmaster)
Gimme What You Got!
(Avenue, 1992)
vinyl rip @ 320 kbps

Today's post to fill-in cracks in the "Where They At" response ripples. This one's for the DJ Jimi "original" (misnomer), not TT Tucker though, and is part of an Avenue distro triple post.

If it seems strange this bounce remake hails from Memphis Tenn, just remind yourself that New Orleans and Memphis are Phil D. Triggerman's adoptive parents and this just a rap custody battle.

That the rest of Freakmaster's Mac of the round Table is weak by comparison suggests he buckled under the timeless industry pressure to make less good music some time between the release of this 12" and his full-length. Or, maybe it's Freak's style to cop styles - elsewhere he lays out the Making Easy Money Pimpin Hoez In Style acronym over Bill Withers' Use Me Up (a la UGK) and there's a track that sounds something like a weaker version of an early Ball & G joint.


Manuela said...

Keep up the good work.

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The rar download is password protected.

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new link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=544HQJQJ