Women of Bass: Missy Mist

Missy Mist Gettin' Bass
(1989, Neverstop)
A Side Only, Vinyl rip @ 320

Once Upon a Time, You Never Needed Boom...

First, an apology for the ground-in hiss of this rip, the original owner must have got their fair share of bass out this 12 inch. I'm posting this mainly for the cover which is something like the zenith of bass iconography. Enough speaker power to beat half the county down, Missy like the Vanna White of Boom and the no frills font of cassette tape ubiquity. Its an image that must have had some power to endure, it was remade and updated for the liner notes of Big Boi's Speakerboxxx, though its difficult to compete with Andre's astrological centaur pic in the Love Below - a single image worth more than the entire disc's musical content.

The song itself is something like the Ghetto D of Bass, with Missy listing part for part the recipe for Boom - 3000 Watts, 24 bass bins, 2 Technics 1200s and some records to spin / a disco mixer with faders and switchers and then a cutter and a scratcher with some straight up itches [or maybe inches?].

Ms. Mist is still active, or at least was more recently than this aged release - she was featured under the pseudonym Ms. Houston for several tracks on Bishop's "U Know U Ghetto" record. I posted that single in the early and restrained days of this blog - now seasoned and promiscuous, I think I'll post the whole disc.