M-Town Team

M-Team For Deposit Only
(1991, Waylo) cassette rip @ 320

For today's sendoff I first considered Jazze Pha's debut record (as Phalon), Rising To The Top, but backed out both because we don't fuck with major label records here at Twankle & Glisten (its on Elektra), and because I try not to guide anyone's ear toward jams that weak. At some point in the future we might throw up a second generation Bar-Kays mix - Pha is the son of bassist James Alexander and Gangsta Pat that of drummer Willie Hall - maybe a mix of tracks birthed through sampling and those birthed through... um... birth.

In place of that is a different cassette from Memphis Soul progeny: M-Team are brothers Archie & Boo Mitchell, sons of soul artist and Hi records founder Willie Mitchell, and the same production team behind the Radical T record posted a while back (which feat. early raps by Al Kapone and 8ball). It may also be mentioned that producer Phunk Dawg of Ay Bay Bay fame apprenticed under their father as a teenager.

This is going to be a bit too New Jack for most of yall, but its great for a comparative analysis of contemporaneous Memphis releases, like the first tapes of Skaface Al Kapone or DJ Paul's first 4-track fuckings around. Either way this is one of the earliest rap releases out of Memphis, at least in terms of what has survived to the extent that it can written about. Cool K's "I Need Money" predates it by 5 years, though, and if anyone can offer up an MP3 or cover shot of that it would be much appreciated.

Rapidshare raised their maximum upload bar and now both sides of a tape fit in one rar. This is good for you because it means you only have to enter that elusive password one time.


Hugo the Dude said...

sounds very interesting, the main reason why im dl'ing this is that photo tho, bank robbery rap usally sounds great

kid slizzard said...

I do like the cover

Anonymous said...

This, Al Kapone and Gangsta Pat and a few others came out in 1991 and that Cool K must have come out in 1986.

Does anybody know about any releases in between?

Anonymous said...

I Think Street Knowledge is from 1992 and the Lyrical Driveby EP is from 1991 if I am not mistaken

and Get Buck is around 90-91 too, but I am not sure if it ever got proper release either

But what was before that is a mystery and since you mentioned a release by Cool K, I hoped you know about some more releases

Travis said...

Ran across your site on the Cocaine Blunts forums. Earlier this afternoon, I had just added this to my "want list" after seeing an add for it in an old Source I was reading. I had forgotten all about it. Thanks. Great site, something different.