Get Buck Funk

DJ Kid Slizzard presents...
Get Buck Funk: Da Mixtape
Side A, Side B

Another non-stop mix set up to fit tight into one 2 sided C-90. Anyone interested in obtaining a hard copy without making it themselves can hit me up at jib.kidder@gmail.com.

Aged and rare hardcore Memphis rap has had a strange life in the internet age. Scarcity must have played its part - where upstart New Orleans labels were able to piggyback on Cash Money & No Limit's respective cash trains (or at least get wrapped up in their cash dreams), local Memphis rap defined itself through infighting and Three 6 beef. This kept labels small, tapes circulating from trunk to trunk and then eventually through online auctions to this dude. Early tapes have become international fetish objects and now Russian Rap message boards are filled with obsessives' alphabetized Memphis collection lists. Shit is constantly clouding up my googling.

Compilers of this shit too often zoom in on the horror/devil shit aspect of the M-Town underground. Though plenty of cuts on here flaunt that darkness it is in no way the binding element. I've always found early Al Kapone much more compelling than, say, Evil Pimp. Instead, I've organized this mix around a different force: the Funk. I'm thinking of 'funk' in this sense as a measure of some rhythmic Gestalt, or the felt presence of some thrust able to propel bodies into motion through sound. The 'funk' of Get Buck Funk is a hard 'funk' - it has to be: gangsta walking is a hard ass dance; a gang is a hard ass kind of family.

The Get Buck sound of Memphis is just as indebted to its Soul past (in both the productive and consumptive sense) as NOLA Bounce is to Second Line, evidenced both through its sample sources and frequent "bumpin Womack" or "bumping Marvin Gaye" shout outs or even just what audio rolls in skits' backgrounds (see the H.O.H. track on here).

Many different kinds of shit on here: SMK's "Fuck All Yall" may be a pre-sippin sampling of Marvin Gaye's "Is That Enough" and his "Pop That Puzzy" almost sounds like a Dance Mania 12". If DJ Diz's black revolution cut-up just had a fucking djembe in the mix it could pass as an interlude off the most recent Badu record. Though all this shit is fairly gutter production-wise, I think the Tom Skee track on here maybe be the lowest fidelity shit I’ve ever given a close listen - I had to triple the volume just to make it audible in context. Oh, and plenty flavors of weed anthem scattered about.

Monkey Nuts is such great crack slang and someone answer me this: does Indonesia actually export any weed to the US? Would it be worth it for any party involved? An Australian woman got the fucking death penalty for weed possession in Bali. Maybe the price paid in lives makes Indo weed a delicacy enjoyed only by the greatest of rap veterans.


ANU said...

thanks !!!!

Corporate Bloggin said...

thanks a lot!
We've been doin a horrorcore memphis mix last year for those who prefer Evil Pimp than, say, Al Kapone ^^.

Anonymous said...

bro..your blog is a breath of fresh air in this hip hop blogosphere...who would make a mix of rare Memphis rap? These elitists still getting over the notion that every Southern rapper aren't exactly the same.

Bro..keep doing ya thang.

D Frank said...

fuck yeah awesome tape like always, but indo weed is not named such because it is indonesian. it's short for indica.

kid slizzard said...
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kid slizzard said...

thats great: I was hoping for an answer. So the word is indicating a place (India) not where the weed was grown from, but where the strain of plant originated. So Kush doesn't come from Kush, its the plant ancestor of Kush weed.

Anonymous said...

I always thout it indo' as in "In Door", like hydro, hydropnic.

kid slizzard said...

kick indo down

boi-dan said...

Nice blog, I hope these audio links stay up. My cpu situation is looking like Windows 3.1 right now.

But I think Indonesia is just a play on the word Indo. lol, Playas aren't really from the himilaysia, it just sound better.

Whats up with a picture(face) of Magnolia Shorty? Thats post-worthy alone.

Anonymous said...
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Smarts said...

so did you mix this cd like add beats to the songs or are these the songs in their original format, just wondering thanks!

Anonymous said...

Man, I completely agree on that.

There's just way too many fools out there that can't understand.

In fact, I was arguing with my best friend octavious yesterday about this, and
they wouldn't agree with me that he was wrong. Now I can just show them this blog :)