Bounce Dat Azz

Down South Hustlers:
Bouncin' and Swingin'
Tha Value Pack Compilation
Various Artists
[1995, No Limit]
(2 Discs, 4 Parts) @ 320

One of the most essential (or at least extensive) documents of a nascent southern style, even if most tracks wear west coast flavor like an older cousin's clothes and I guess Flint's Dayton Family are honorary Down South Ballers. This is often referenced as the First Rap Double Album, a kind of irrelevant milestone.

Another great cover from NL's Phunky Phat era and you can find an archive of PP graphic design nostalgia here, tucked in the ass of KillaHoE's strange french geography MP3 blog and despite this being pre-beats by the pound days at Camp No Limit, you can find early production from KLC, Mo B Dick, and Carlos Stephens scattered about. This record is consistent and focused in a way No Limit rarely was. If P was only in it for the money, he must have known he couldn't make much without some early fire.

Third Coast, the Rough Coast, the Gulf Coast, come fuck with it.


ANU said...

you're killin it with your blog.

Scott said...

Wow, been looking for this for a while. Thanks for the rip!