Bird on his Head

5th Ward Weebie
Ghetto Platinum
(Y2K, Most Wanted) @ 320 kbps

And to follow up the previous post marking No Limit's ascent, here's one beast to rise from its ashes. This is the best record I know of on the Kane & Abel twins' Most Wanted Empire label and maybe the best posthumous No Limit camp offering to drop before the forming of Overdose Ent. A convoluted claim to start with and actually I have to take the latter half back remembering now how great the Medicine Men produced tracks were on Mystikal's Let's Get Ready.

Nothing likely to surprise you too deeply but I love some of the supersaturated production by Full Pack and Weebie is a great bounce vocalist. Surprising to see Three 6 on this though I guess this record came out around the same time as the Headbussas collabo with Fiend so maybe this is an extension of those friendships formed and not just a pricey cameo.

One has to wonder if the Twins could have really taken off record business-wise if jail time for their connection to drug kingpin Richard Peña hadn't slowed things down and I enjoyed getting to know them a little better in their 2004 comedy Da Block Party. I have yet to check any of their ghetto fiction novels. I'll get back to yall on that.


emynd said...



dj hot grits said...

congrats on the recent fmu write-up, my man

Tinyfolk said...

Ghetto fiction novels? Seriously? Gimme some titles. Imma amazon that shit.

kid slizzard said...

Eyes of a Killer, Diva

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