Early No Limit: Visine Dreams

Dangerous Dame Escape from the Mental Ward
(1995, No Limit) cassette rip @ 320

Back to the tape rips: a hot release from a pre-Beats by the lb, pre-Pen & Pixel and pre-NOLA No Limit and holy shit, what may be this blog's first Bay Area post. Most production by Dame himself, listed label address in Oakland and cover art by Phunky Phat Graph-X, and check out the job they did. Dame, warped in some raincoat straight-jacket, his female either trying to give him diarrhea or a seizure by slipping visine into his gin & tonic or maybe that’s LSD (stripper spikes dangerous convict's drink with life changing dose of acid)? Meanwhile, real Dame stands in front like “what the fuck you lookin out”, the text is on some Mind’s Eye bullshit and check that whip! A lot of these old tape covers leave me lamenting the P&P graphic takeover. I'm also lamenting that its 13 years too late to cop the Dangerous Dame Baseball Cap here advertised.

Soundwise, every track bumps hard but the sappy Be Their, (I don’t know if that’s a typo or some kind of pun), and Dame constantly kills it with his nasal bay flow. I think there's other web-floating rips of this, but if you ask me this max-bass, hi-res tape rip sounds better than a triple bootlegged 128 speed MP3 and even the tape format is going for gold in all online auctions.

Message from Dame (from lining): Fuck You To: To All You Wanta Be Rappin, Fake Busta, Runnin' Off at the Mouth Ass Tricks, If The Shoe Fits Wear It.


Unknown said...


I'm starting a new blog, http://RapCypher.blogspot.com, and i'd like to echange links with you....

Holla at me, if it's possible to do some links exchange or become an affiliate and i'll add your blog to mine.


Anonymous said...

Classic cover, i remeber buying rap pages back in 94 & they had the poster (put that shit straight on my wall), i was like... i need that shit, any way thnks to the internet, i've managed to cop it (10/11 years later) You would never find that shit in the UK...

Sippy said...

That broad slippin a mickey in his drink actually meant somethin.. He was spiked real damn bad either that year or '93 and supposedly it fucked him up on the daily. And believe or not, yes, you would find that shit in the UK.. ACTUAL SMG distributed titles were avail. at HMV, i swooped Ben B Hard in Oxford, and saw J-Mack 'Crime Rate' in LDN in the late 90's. No ZYX weird german reissue shit, authentic SMG release.