Bass Tapes: Its Past Your Bass Time

Caucasian Bass Invasion
(1994, Pandisc) @ 320 kbps
[circum side, uncircum side]

No Bass health disclaimers but strange dick-style side names to make up for it. Production by Mr. Bassman, later to be known as DJ Trip. Weird liner notes read:

If you have a song that sucks send it in, we'll use it...not!!! Send it to Vanilla Ice our mentor. Mr. Clean is bald but he bites weenies. The weather's great in Miami, it's good for the doggy style. Remember girls to free Willy and feed him. He's starving. If you want to get laid... crawl up a chicken's ass and wait. 1-900-SEXY-HORNET
Then there's a Cristina Applegate marriage proposal.