Years Later....

Magnolia Slim aka Soulja Slim
Soulja Fa Lyfe
(Parkway Pumpin,1994) &
Dark Side (Hype, 1995) @ 224 kbps.

5 years since Slim passed and its still nearly impossible to check his early work, with the exception of "You Got It" which slipped through the cracks onto No Limit's Bouncin'& Swingin double-disc. How much time must pass before some boutique European label with an endless cash supply starts reissuing long lost NOLA bounce classics on 180 gram double vinyl?

I have no idea what the cover to Soulja Fa Lyfe looks like, though if its as good as 39 Posse's 39 Automatic (also on KLC's label) then you aren't missing much. Rest In Peace.


Todd said...

Yo Sliz, do you mind if I repost this rip of Dark Side?