Calm like a lawyer, bad like a 2nd grader

Tim Smooth's seminal "I Gotsta' Have It" from 1991 on Yo Records (produced by DJ Lil Daddy). One gets the impression Tim could rap for days without falling off (or asleep).

The All Music Guide claims he was ghostwriting lyrics for rappers on the Big Boy label under alternate pseudonym Playboy Sha-Burnke. It seems if you need a moniker its not 'ghost', just 'writing', though if there was a Big Boy artist at the time in need of ghosting I bet you a cassette tape copy of DJ Jimi's Where They At it was Mystikal, who you can check (lil braids and all) mouthing the chorus to Tim's Comin Real from 94.

A bonus for the dirty minded: J-Dawg (of Black Menace) f/ Playboy Sha-Burnke "Freak Nasty"