An Army, A Navy

Enough Cash Money .rar files to make even the most dedicated bling devotee bash their brains in here (not always at the most desirable bitrate). Most essential (besides the obvious Ms. Tee full-lengths) is Baby's lone independent production, I Need A Bag of Dope. I'm hooking it up direct because rap board trading german link protector karma bullshit gives me a headache, though I understand the attempt to hold on to some notion of authenticity in a world gone inter-nutz. Bird was going by B-32 (as in Baby with the 32 Golds) at the time (92 or 3); Mannie listed as "DJ Crackout". Its a short release, only approaching EP length thanks to Fresh's bonus beats which are the real meat here anyways. For more of that checkout "Mannie Fresh Mix" from UNLV's 6th & Baronne.

As a bonus I'm throwing in the Ninja Crew's "We Destroy", the earliest Crackout production I've landed my virtual hands on. A fairly small 'crew', just Sporty T & Gregory D with Fresh manning the boards, but I'm not holding that against them.