Year 2 thousand remake of the Showboy's 1986 Bounce/Buck construction set "Drag Rap". James Brown may deserve the Lifted Samples Lifetime Achievement award, but I can't think of another track thats been pillaged so boldly and so completely. And considering the near infinite love and respect these 2 either get or deserve, how come they couldn't get something above this highschool photoshop job for the cover to their only full-length? I'm not bitching too hard because I love when record a title incorporates the expression 'Y2K'. I would also love to see a list of titles they actually received royalties from. I imagine Mannie Fresh contemplating the reissue of CM's pre-universal discography and then writing it off like, "Goddamn, I'm tired of sending all my cheese to those motherfuckers." Complete discography to follow shortly (as soon as I replace my needle).