On Purpose

Take Fo is claiming a new release for 08 (Swaggin & Saggin) and though I can’t quite figure who its by (Choppa? Take Fo’ Superstars?) I almost believe them. Or rather, I almost believe that in 3 years copies will start surfacing for $2.00 on Amazon, now that Peaches (Bounce Rap’s lone internet outpost) has been destroyed (R.I.P), though last time I checked Big Freedia was selling her disc on her myspace (DJ Chicken, too). Maybe Bounce didn’t so much need a contract with Hollywood Records to break nationally - just a paypal shoppingcart.

A new Jubilee disc was hinted at originally, with a new Hokey Pokey track posted online. All evidence of this prospective release disappearing from the Internets suggests Henry The Man and Earl Mackie finally caught on that the playground shit would never bring the gouda. There’s definitely something impotent about Jube dissing Juvenile over a bassline rocking the Barney theme song. Crossed fingers for an appearance by DJ Duck. And here’s hoping the New Take Fo will rise above the ranks of the New No Limit.

I have to admit, its refreshing that most bounce has evaded the “Let’s Download” page of nerd rap boards. It makes me wonder if it was maybe just one ambitious nerd who unleashed every stray memphis cassette onto torrent world.

Maybe Jubilee would have faired better if he’d focused on one dance at a time. It seems promising for Dude N’ Nem, whose new post-juke single “Watch My Feet” serves up the most abrupt beat change I’ve heard since my cat Thug tried to eat my “What’s Happenin” 12”. Check it:


Update: Since this blog's first awkward post several Bounce sharity blogs have appeared, some even disappeared. Actually, this blog became one itself. 


sam said...

it was one lone nerd, and his name is juice j. god knows how much money he spent getting all those tapes shipped from memphis.

zhao said...

thanks for dropping some knowledge on my mix. i made that thing last year and never bothered with the track list you know how it is...

i like your bwoga lyrical style. dry and funny :D

where these tape torrents at? they worth looking into?

what's good these days? i haven't been keeping up since i made that mix.

is the south on its way out? what next? hyphie?

you gon be posting some ill-P3's soon or what?


kid slizzard said...

There will definitely be some tracks for listening. I don't intend to share full-record rips. The net is already flooded. Check Lil Gin, Tommy Wright, Al Kapone, DJs Squeeky and Zirk YSIs - you'll unearth gems... I think the future hinges on what advances are made in car stereo technology and recreational drug chemistry... would a track like "Coffee Shop" exist in a culture where X was still a rave drug? Will samplers in the year 2022 feat. retro MP3 compression FX?