We Remember... "It's All on U"s


ß G∑∑zy
It's All øn U & It's All øn U Vøl. II
(1999, Ca$h Møney) cassette -> 320

Funky. Dirty. Serious. I know these are higher profile releases than I usually post but I wanted these up here as contemporaneous context to the other tapes I'm posting. Because sometimes you have to take it to that triller level. Also, I thought a nice white-noise water-in-the-ears tape rip would help you relive the experience of hearing these for the first time in your older brother's jeep. I'm still thinking about replacing the CD player in my car with a tape deck.

I was thinking recently, listening to these and to "Chopper City" how much I like how his old records have these long-winded unhookable hooks. Its shit R. Kelly should have been listening to when he was working on the later chapters of Trapped in the Closet.

Hearts pumping Battle Juice.


Anonymous said...

For me, Volume 1 better than the 2 one's... First Cash Money Juvenile's appareance... GREAT !!

Anonymous said...

Juveniles first appearance on Cash Money? Dude go kill yourself.
It's obvious you don't know what the hell you are talking about.
To be honest you prob dont even reside in the U.S. much less in NewOrleans.
God damn, what the fuck is up with the influx of all these oversea assholes on the NewOrleans scene?
It's like they know NOTHING about any of this, Hell they even act like it's all new material, Wait in their piss-ant country it prob is. Fuck these Foreign cocksuckers.
All they do is DL a blogs shared material and then hord it. Then they make a BLOG of their own and only put up a list of what they have and share none of it. If you dont know shit,Can't speak or type a structured sentence in ENGLISH stay the fuck off the scene.

Anonymous said...

Yeah cocksucker where you from? The WHITE HOUSE? Asshole bourgies class who talks a perfect language...
I made a mistake. Juveniles first appearance on Cash Money is on CHOPPER CITY. I'm right or not !
Sorry for my poor narrative construction, Anonymous,
So long Cocksuker & fuck you FonkyDyck

Anonymous said...

Wrong once again you Eurotrash mother Fucker.
It was a lot earlier than that.
Do some research.
I can picture you wearing an addidas jumpsuit with a high top fade with the four finger ring and the phat gold chains saying..."That's Funky Fresh B!"
Go herd some goats BRUNO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

MR WIKIPEDIA... The comeback !!!
Motherfucker, I travel your country from East to West, North to South... I met son of a bitch like you. Sticking asshole with patriotic diatribe : "my Music, my country, my red & blue asshole with stars, foreigners with Adidas, blah, blah, blah......."
Take your Pills and take eazy bitch? Stop watching your fucking US TV and go to see the world bitch!
suck my dick FREAK

Anonymous said...

Go see the world?
Bitch I'm from America.
The world comes to see me.
Do you see anyone looking for your local music?
Yea, Go fuck a goat BRUNO.
"Funky Fresh"

Rob said...

Whoa guys, where's the love? Don't we all dig Bounce?

Rob said...

my favorite lines:

"MR WIKIPEDIA... The comeback !!!"

"Go see the world?
Bitch I'm from America.
The world comes to see me."

Chopper City KGZ said...

I do believe juveniles first track for cash money was the track magnolia shorty on her monkey on the dick album.. This era of cash money was strait classic!!! No label, artist, or producer can match!!! Theres nothing like B.G. over a fresh beat!! B.G. is who brought the gangster to the cash moneys tapes!! I kno I kno kilo-g was the first real gangsta on cmr but B.G. perfected it!! Almost all his raps are talkin bout strait "Thuggin In Public" I Love It!!! B.G. Best Gangsta Rapper Out The N.O. In My Opinion... Much Luv!!

ROB said...

"I feel like Fresh is the best with beats." -Baby 'I feel Like' offa guerrilla warfare i think? Whatever, doesn't matter. This is probably the greatest line Baby has rapped.

Urban Clothing Guy said...

I remember this one no doubt thanks for putting this up yo.

Chopper City KGZ said...

For any cash money fans trying to do their history ive started a blog posting everything cash money.. Check it out..


Indy said...

OH SNAP!!!! You took it way back with this one man! I remember those days.