NOLA Tapes: KC Redd


K.C. Redd It's a G-Thing
(1999, Take Fo) cassette -> 320 kbps

I uploaded more or less every Take Fo release from this period to this blog last year, but had to skip this one because I lost my disc. In a way my empty jewel case was fitting since Kasey "K.C. Redd" Segue is no longer with us. I'm not sure of the details of her passing, may she rest in peace.

It seems her recorded output was limited too - several tracks on here reappear on other Take Fo' releases including its strongest singles, "Hot Girlz on Fire" and "Do the Mario."


boi-dan said...

Yeah my disc is scratched too, (severely). I've been looking for this for a while.

Kenner City Redd (RIP)

dupastar said...

Props. Would you have Dolamite - 3rd Ward On My Mind?

Coolloyd said...

I forgot about this one.... Hey do you have JB's Revenge? Somebody got me for my tape back in the day.