Bounce By Bounces Best

Looks like yall heard about this and its a definite come-thru, but let me repeat it once again just incase you have disposable income, you can see on the fundraiser page they still need more, so...

A handful, well more than you can fit in your hand, of Bounce's brightest are headed to the most unlikely of industry showcases, SxSW, so long as you can lend a small bit of support. They are almost at the happen-point so please push them to the limit.

It will be a great opportunity for one of the country's most region-specific art forms to reach outside and give some lame, ambitious indie-rockers a run for their money. It will also be a great opportunity to watch Acid Mothers Temple watching DJ Jubilee.


Anonymous said...

i gave money already but fuck this is gonna be so dope

Rob said...

wish i could be there.