More M-Town Tubing

Leading up to some things.... some full tapes ripped, new Memphis mix and old mixes formally cassetted, but on the way down that path I'd like to share a line of youtube mp3s from poster Redsavage24. The videos are all just cover images, but you'll enjoy that aspect just as much - notably Ever So Thick Fam's Daniel Johnston math class daydream.

Yall probably tired of me asking it, but does Ever So Thick Family's "Automatic" share a common sample with Mystikal's "Yall Ain't Ready"or is that track just this track's sample? As a collective audience, you are the best research resource on these matters.

I guess the internet is all dots with varying amounts of stems and as such lazy can be as useful as efforted blogging and if you're lost in the untwitterably large maze of this media overload skip straight to La Chat & Womack "Smokin On A Fat Sack".


i'm in shambles? said...

wow, that lil tino funkytown is my favoritest thing i've heard in a long time. it's exactly what i've wanted to hear all along without even knowing it

kid slizzard said...

hell yeah, I love the vibe on that one and the way the drum fills keep it going

eda said...




Jimmy RS said...

I'm a Memphis rapper myself. We need a revival here.