Whatcha Gon Do

Video complement to Noz's Atlanta retrospective, even if 2 of these fall outside the reach of his temporal fovea. Thank god someone (JJenterprise) had the foresight to VHS all their Box favorites. You have to really be one step ahead to be New-Century style hoarding with 1993 tech.


Anonymous said...

holy shit i havent heard the bankhead bounce in forever. this used to be the shit in like 3rd grade, i used to shake around like an epileptic trying to learn it

N0LA $ou1ja said...

LOL @ Shy-D. Damn, rap lyrics were so simple back in the day.

Anonymous said...

DAMN! at the end of A-Town Players "Wassup Wassup" when the phased out Al Naafish snakes in followed by that HUGE fill!!! OMG! That will pop your brain (^.o) I had to rewind<<<