Marriage of Dope Sheep

(Nine Tre, Psychopathic Records)

Early 90s New Orleans supergroup (of sorts) feat. J'Ro J, Ice Mike (formerly Cold Ice?), Tim Smooth & MC P (later Tre-8). I gave it a question mark title because its a single with no clear single or an EP with no clear title. Maybe it once had a spine, maybe it once had a name. My guess is that this is really the "Something Ain't Right" single (loose take on "Mind Playin Tricks"), but "Chriz Walk" is such a stronger effort that I can't quite accept this unproven truth. This is not the cover label of the record I've ripped, but (I think) the cover of their 93 self-titled full-length cassette. I thought yall'd appreciate an image of the actual group and I try to steal as many image from Dober The G as possible. 

This whole package has a uniquely unquantized feel, like the drumpads played live by real fingers, the lowrider trumpets and second line bass tapped on some yamaha keyboard's trumpet and tuba presets. Someone ID the chorus sample on "Pass Me the Nine" for me....

More WBC, fresh ups on youtube, courtesy of 1825Tulane (once again):

Dope In The Back
Til Dope Do Us Part (featuring a "dope" marriage ceremony)
Down With the Coalition (probably the strangest partwriting of any of these)
Freestyle (order: J-Ro J, MC P, Tim Smooth, Ice Mike) falling off, having a good time

youtube txt comment: 
man when seen u put WBC on here i call t-smooth and he dont even have a copy of this


Anonymous said...

Was your 12" packaged with Lower Level Organization's "Wanted By Five-O" LP? I got that record sealed and was totally confused to find the Westbank Coalition record in the sleeve as well, considering they are on two entirely different labels...

noz said...

BTW, these youtubes are fantastic. Somebody needs to find that album and liberate it.

kid slizzard said...

Unfortunately, no LLO

Anonymous said...

The chorus sample from pass the nine is:
Don't Stop Loving Me Now - LTD

also used by the poor righteous teachers on word iz life


Anonymous said...

is anyone else having trouble getting this file off rapidshare? i've been trying for a couple of days and it's either coming up as my download allowance exceeded (i've not downloaded anything from rs) or download expired.

kid slizzard said...

I just deleted my "premium" cookie and successfully began the download. Also, I checked the time of the most recent DL before I did that and the time was this morning.

So it seems to be working, but maybe RS is having some kind of quirk.