Parlez Make It, Shake It, Do It Good!
(Superdome, 1983) @ 320 kbps

I first discovered this record on a mislabeled ebay auction that offered a audio snippet actually taken from an early 90s Kalifornia Noise 12 inch. It was a pretty lo-fi 4track effort that didn't immediately signal some anachronism (though, admittedly, an anatopistic 415 reference) and for the earliest rap out of New Orleans sounded mindblowingly ahead of its time. It was based around the same Ike's Mood piano sample that was superglued to Mannie Fresh's scratching fingers during Cash Money's coming up period and it suggested the kind of hidden & impossibly linear regional development that made my paypal nerve centers itch with temptation.

Needless to say, this is not that record - but it is the oldest rap record out of N.O. to land on this blog, and as far as I can tell, the searchable internet. 16 minutes of the kind of extended party boogie I would have expected given the known context of this LP - if not led elsewhere by a divshare misclick. And I like the fucking piano that pours through in the final minutes.


barney said...

!!! thanks.

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need this password like you wouldn't believe man, thanks!

kid slizzard said...

just look on the main page, yall will find the password in no time

Jacob said...

Gotta love that stock record sleeve.