For the Street

Gotty Boi Chris interview from recent issue of Atlanta's Ozone Magazine which in the absence of Scratch is becoming the second most interesting rap mag around. Journalistically less in depth than Murderdog by far, but for some reason the Dog hasn't yet covered any next generation bounce shit. 10 pages each issue dedicated to midwest clown rap but no love shown for America's most in-need rap center?? Click on the image for legible sizing.

5th Ward Weebie, PNC & DJ Money Fresh also up in this issue and this seems like a good time to note the arrival of the Louisiana Rap blog which more or less picked up where Rarenola left off and anyone whose read this far should go cop the Joe Blakk record posted there right now.

I'm interested in Gotty's notion of Bounce as music for the street in the way that Bass is for the car, Screw is for leanin and Crank is for...umm... youtube and anyone interested and patient enough for getting into some relevant rap academia should check T&G homie Matt Miller's Dirty Decade: Rap Music and the U.S. South, 1997-2007 paper on Southern Spaces.


ANU said...

oh thanks for the matt miller article ! that's very interesting !