One Man Gang

Tommy Wright III On The Run
(1996, Street Smart Records)
[link removed: visit the Street Smart ebay store]

One of my top ten favorite rap records and maybe number one in covers, designed by this dude whose myspace features a john mayer music player, a bible verse widget and a picture titled "kitty bed time".

I've read that his first single was produced by DJ Paul, I wonder what that is and I wonder if I've heard it. And I wonder what Tommy could have pulled off if he hadn't spent the first five years of the new century on lockdown. Maybe he would have fulfilled the epic sized promise in On the Run's liner notes:

Everybody don't forget about the Nationwide Video that is associated to this release. Street Smart Records needs every one support as we intend on beginning an uncut radio station and a porno magazine following an underground rap magazine.
Anyways, nothing else really sounds quite like this. Not even other Street Smart records or earlier Tommy Wright tapes. Although there are guest production spots alluded to (Squeeky, MDB, Blackout), vague inner info suggests its really Tommy whose responsible for the distinct and completely horrific counterpoint gracing these tracks. Shit is so evil and dissonant... and complex. I can't help but imagine Tommy sitting in some blood-spattered dungeon slamming Old E 40s and listening to Bartok.

Oh and I've been enjoying the tracks on former CIA member Charlie Brown's myspace... does this record exist? God has truly fucked up by blessing a nigga like Tommy Wright III.


Rob said...

I bidded on this cd on ebay. It sold for like almost a 100 bucks! I really want to see how the inside cover art looks.

kid slizzard said...

I can send you a pic of it... not scanned, just digital camera'd (like most covers on here)... I saw this going for 310 on amazon just now... what the fuck? I BOUGHT this on amazon for like 8 dollars 4 years ago....

rob said...

yeah that would be real cool man. my email is rleng@mail.usf.edu that's a real crazy deal u got for the cd. i just started listening to TW4 about a year ago and i already memorized like 4 of his cds. I wished i started listening to him a lot longer ago. I talked to someone on ebay who's been listening to him since TW3 came out with runnin and gunnin. He was selling an autographed helta skelta promo poster. He told me that when he first came out he was really active. He said he bought runnin and gunnin from TW3 through the mail(and he still has the envelopes with the Street Smart Records address). TW3 would not only send him a "runnin and gunnin" tape, but TW3 would throw in like three other tapes(ramsey-goin undercover, womack and others). He also would put in autograph posters. The ebay guy also has a personal letter written by tommy, thanking him for the support, and talked a little about his times in jail and his kids. Man, I really missed out on his heyday. Anyways, I know I'm a little weird for all this, but I'm just so moved by his music. I'm from the ghetto, ya know. I'd really like to go to memphis and meet him, but i'd probably get robbed by some random thug that hears my accent. I'd also really like to meet UNLV in New Orleans. They now stay in houston i think. Most of my other favorite artists are dead. And i feel like these guys are more down to earth since they didn't become celebrities. They would probably smoke a blunt with me if I met them and talked to them, ya know. Lil Wayne probably won't smoke a blunt with me(yes I like Weezy, yes songs like lollipop suck, but he still stays true to NO-dedication 2 triggaman-) HOLY shit this wasn't suppose to be this LONG!! any ways yea, the pics would be greatly appreciated by this crazy fan who can't afford the originals. i don't care at all that they are digital camera'd.

RSS said...

This shit is DOPE. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

whas the pw?